Artisan Maker Market, Take II, Oct 2 - 4 , 11 - 5!

Oct. 2 - 4
Friday - Sunday
11 - 5

Creatives coming together, building community.
I love this group of merrymakers, local artists, and friends --all people I used to travel with to national shows-- coming together to bring you this safe outdoor event. Welcoming you to share in their visions and handcrafted skills.
We have a dressmaker from Beacon whose work has been on the runway of the Grammys.  Rain hats and coats, tea towels, and ceramics from a friend who runs the 92St Y in NYC. 
Inventive jewelry, inspired ceramics from Frannie, local honey, the always fun creations from Ketti, and MORE.  And yes, bowls for the filling, books for the signing.
It's unlikely we will do the Holiday show this year, so shop small, shop early.   

Please note: Masks must be worn.
There will be sanitation stations,
social distancing will be easy and fun
in this open-air outdoor setting.

PARKING:  Park at green or yellow house,
or along FDR past Oak Lane.
Carpool with a friend!

Local and loving it!
We look forward to seeing you,