Kris Carr with a Sherwood Forest Design bowl

Kris Carr, author of Crazy Sexy Kitchen, pictured with her Sherwood Forest Design bowl.

"You cannot get a more beautiful bowl than these from Sherwood Forest Designs. I have used mine almost daily since I got it over 10 years ago, it still looks gorgeous. They are durable, easy to clean and make everything you put in them look and taste special. They are my favorite go-to wedding present, house warming present and holiday gift. Give them to those you love and get an extra one for yourself, too." – Janice Lipman

"We bought this bowl (as well as one as a wedding gift), many years ago at an art fair at Lincoln Center. Thinking it may have been when you were just starting out. I cannot even guess how many times we have used this through the years, every time we take it out I love it as much as I did the first day we bought it. It has followed us from NJ to SC and back, then CA, NJ, and finally back to SC. Amazingly, it shows no wear and tear, is as beautiful as ever. The talent and love that went into it is profound. Not sure what prompted me to find you, but wanted you to know how much this heirloom is cherished."Jan K.

"Approximately ten years ago we fell in love with Sherwood Forest bowls.  Each time we saw them on display in a craft fair, we bought another for ourselves.  Then we decided that they would make great wedding gifts.  We have probably given away a dozen bowls!  We hoped that each time the couple had some salad they would be reminded of their wedding day.  Several of the people who received them as gifts have reported to us that they love their bowl and use it often.  The beautiful designs in Sherwood Forest bowls make us smile!"—Dale B.

“I do love my Sherwood Forest bowls. I had one for years and had it on a shelf as a piece of art. Then one night a friend of mine was over and said, "Why don't you use your salad bowl?"  It is beautiful but it IS a salad bowl. Now I have two sizes and use them all the time. Smaller one when it is just my husband and I and the larger one when we have company. I also give them as gifts.”—Shari A.

"We have had a small and a large bowl for many years and they remain perfect!  We have also given many as gifts and they are always a wow!"—Carol

"I've owned and loved my Sherwood Forest salad bowl since 1994 and have used it nearly everyday. It still looks like new! Thanks very much for brightening our dinner table!"—Barbara G.

"Love my bowl, get compliments every time I use it, and that's a lot!"—Elaine C.

"In our house, Soli's bowl is always the "finishing touch."  The table is set, the guests are about to arrive, and our favorite Sherwood Forest bowl comes out like the star on the Christmas tree. Perfection + love + homespun."—Janine St. Germain

"I love my Sherwood Forest Design BOWLS!! I have several of them and use them frequently. I bought my first one many years ago and I have purchased quite a few of them as gifts over the years. They are beautiful, functional, easy to care for and whenever I use my bowls, I smile. When attending an art or craft show I rarely pass the booth without purchasing something. Just too tempting!"—Susan K.

"It has been at least ten years since I acquired my 'first' bowl.  This large pear bowl is on display in my dining room AND I use it regularly….with lots of compliments.Over the years I've added more and gifted others. When I moved from CT two years ago, I downsized considerably but the bowls came with me…and I’m always keeping a lookout for a new one!"—Kristin H.

"I have at least six of these beautiful bowls in all sizes and designs. Each one is a joy. They decorate my kitchen counters, my shelves and my dinner table.  I love them because they are so usable for so many things and the quality always amazes me."—Donna P.

"When I first saw the bowls, I wanted the entire garden of color and design. Choosing one was hard. I went back and forth between deep reds, bold greens, sun yellow, till finally, I choose what brought the biggest smile. I love my bowl and enjoy using it, looking at it or holding its perfectly weighted form."—Rosa Naparstek

"I love the salad bowl and purchased one for my daughter-in-law last Christmas and she just loves it!  It adds beauty to our dinners and always everyone remarks about how beautiful the bowl is."—Karen R.


Sherwood Forest Design Wooden Bowls panorama