Care of Your Bowl

Enjoy this hand-painted functional bowl with your favorite tossed green salad, pasta and fruit medleys -- indulge with your favorite dressing. YES! That means balsamic, olive oil, and lemon can all be used with these bowls. Daily use is encouraged!

Our bowls are for cold salads, and like all wood, not to be used for hot dishes. 

 Eight layers of  non-toxic water-based clear sealer are applied as a final finish to create depth and allow you to enjoy your functional work of art.


Use only wooden utensils.
Wash by hand after each use in warm soapy water.
Towel dry, never let it soak in water.


Avoid abrasives.
Avoid the dishwasher and the microwave.
Do not store your bowl in the refrigerator or freezer.
Avoid prolonged contact with direct sunlight which may fade the finish and dry the wood.

With the proper care, your bowl will become an heirloom. 

Customers love our bowls!