Weekend Recipe: Late Summer Salad

Something I've always loved about salads is the way they just come together. My favorite ones always have a sweet, unexpected surprise. Right now, the garden is at its peak, so throw some sweet in! A handful of blueberries; diced peach, mango or strawberry -- you and your guests are going to love it. 
Find our favorite Strawberry Salad recipe below!

May our bowls be the perfect canvas for your creativity.
strawberry salad in olive bowl

Strawberry Salad

Step 1: Ingredients
6 cups fresh spinach
handful of fresh strawberries, sliced*
1 diced shallot
1/3 cup of pine nuts
3 tablespoons crumbled feta

Step 2: Dressing over the top 
1 part rice vinegar to 2 parts olive oil
a sprinkling of salt
several cracks of pepper

Step 3: Toss together
Adjust to your liking & serve immediately.

*favorite substitutes: sliced apples, watermelon cubes, berries, diced peaches or mango


Savor the flavor!